xescape-with-mex: Why is you blog so awesome?

Well.. it’s not anymore :/
But thanks!

Anonymous: your hair is gorgeous x

Believe me, it looks worse in real life. I think so at least.

Anonymous: everytime i see a cat i think off you

Awe that’s so sweet c:
Cats are the best

Anonymous: Do you have an Instagram? So people can still see your face?

No. This was all I had.

Anonymous: Nooo! You can't just leave! You have people that want to talk to you on here! You can't do that!😔

I might come back on someday..
I just want all the people who are giving me shit about this to get over it.
I’m sure I’ll be back on someday.. maybe….

I’m leaving Tumblr

Thanks to all the people who actually supported me.. there were about 550 of you who did in only a week. Thanks a lot!
Sadly there are some people who aren’t very supportive that I can’t just block.. so I’m just not gonna give them anything else to make fun of me for.
Thanks again to the supporters!
I’ll still answer Fan Mail and AMA questions if you really want to talk to me.
Anyways.. bye

Anonymous: You are sooooooooo cute =^.^=


For anyone that cares, there was been a really big update to my blog thanks to hunterdeuxtrois
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ follower her
She is friend °^°

rainbow-snakes: how did you get so many followers! I think i have like 3 cx oh and i love your blog

Thanks for liking my blog c:
I don’t know how I got so many.. in so little time too!
All I know is I love every one of my followers and I love answering questions ^~^